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We3Sisters Discuss

We3Sisters Discussion Threads

Please Join Us!

We have opened up discussion threads and would like to invite everyone to join in. Don't be shy. Every opinion counts here. We want to hear what you have to say!

For those of you already in the throes of this new adventure, this post will add a "Discussion" link to the right hand side of our journal. Remember someone making a point once but can't remember when or where to find it? Want to hear the sisters and their community sound off on various topics? This is our "go to" link for all discussion related material.

1) Malfoy Nicknames?
Mod: peki
Date: 7-8-2007

2) Post DH: Canon or Fanon for D/G Shippers?
Mod: black_alnair
Date: 7-23-2007

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